Roswell Rudd, Mark Dresser - Airwalkers

Artist: Roswell Rudd, Mark Dresser
Album: Airwalkers
Genre: Avant Garde Jazz
Labe: Clean Feed Records
Recording Date: 2006
Quality: FLAC
Size: 235.3 MB


While duo recordings are hardly rare in jazz, it is hard to think of many trombone-bass meetings. But Roswell Rudd and Mark Dresser are two veterans who are up to the challenge of keeping things interesting, playing with the feeling that only a short discussion took place before each take, using only very basic charts (if any were used at all) as a starting point. "Calypso Lite" is an engaging opener with a slightly loopy air, much like their approach to the one standard, "Don't Blame Me," a song not normally associated with humor. The two takes of "Airwalkers" feature a tense theme with Rudd's ominous muted horn and Dresser's mournful bass, while "Duality" and "Burst" are full-fledged avant-garde jazz excursions. This delightful meeting between two virtuosos will satisfy any jazz fan with open ears.

Mark Dresser — Double Bass
Roswell Rudd — Trombone

01. Calypso Lite 5:49
02. Airwalkers (Take Two) 9:46
03. Pregant Pauses 3:42
04. Roz MD 10:23
05. Duality 4:55
06. Burst 1:36
07. Don't Blame Me 7:24
08. Lovers Waltz 3:25
09. Airwalkers (Take One) 11:58
Recorded August 4, 2004 at Nevessa Studio in Saugerties, NY

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