Zanussi Five - Zanussi Five

Artist: Zanussi Five
Album: Zanussi Five
Genre: Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz
Labe: Moserobie Music Production
Recording Date: 2005
Format: CD
Quality: FLAC
Size: 222 MB


Zanussi Five consists of five players from the new, fresh generation of Norwegian Jazz. Three talented sax players in Norway with a rhythm sections play compositions by band leader Per Zanussi. The result is a mix of swinging grooves, energetic free jazz and melodies.

Kjetil Moster · (saxes)
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm · (saxes)
Eirik Hegdal · (saxes)
Per Zanussi · (double bass)
Per Oddvar Johanssen · (drums & percussion)

01. Fritz/Fri 14th
02. Azrah Illusion/Street Woman
03. Conundrum
04. Medardo
05. Duo
06. Valzer
07. Ghibli
08. Kef

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