FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate 1.9.0

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate — многофункциональное программное обеспечение позволяет конвертировать, редактировать и воспроизводить видео, DVD и аудио, кроме того, Вы также можете скачать онлайн видео. Благодаря поддержке технологий NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD® App Acceleration программа может декодировать и кодировать видео на высокой скорости и с превосходным качеством, включая HD и SD видео. Помимо этого программа позволяет редактировать аудио и видео файлы, преобразовывать DVD диски и скачивать онлайн видео.


FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate 1.9.0

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate 1.9.0

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate 1.9.0

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate 1.9.0

Основные возможности программы FonePaw Video Converter:

* Высокая скорость конвертирования с поддержкой NVIDIA CUDA, AMD APP и многоядерных процессоров.
* Конвертирование различных видео и аудио форматов.
* Превосходный DVD риппер.
* Встроенный проигрыватель воспроизводит любое видео и аудио.
* Скачивает большие онлайн видео.
* Создание персонализированных видео.
* Разделение или объединение видео и аудио.
* Создание скриншотов.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate is one such comprehensive software solution that helps you migrate not only your clips but also your tracks to new file formats while also providing you, among others, with several editing capabilities.

Polished GUI that ensures comfortable navigability

Before we touch upon the program’s functionality, it must be said that it is packed in a pleasant-to-look-at bluish interface that is easy to navigate. The controls are placed at the top of the page while the middle section is designed to entail a list of all your selected files.

On the right is a very much-needed preview of the video or track that is to be processed so that you take full control of the editing operation.

Converts a multitude of file formats

As said, the application supports a wide variety of file formats. It is thus no surprise that FonePaw Video Converter is able to manage, for instance, 4k or HD quality as well as device-specific formats. That is to mean that the program proves to be convenient to those who want to perform quick conversions for their Samsung, iPhone, iPod, and whatnot, without worrying about compatibility.

During our tests, the program indeed delivered when converting MP3, AVI, MOV, 3GP, and MPG files, which were successfully transitioned to new formats in no time, and the same happened when merging files. It must be mentioned that, as far as the output folder is concerned, you can indicate its location and even open it from within the program.

Lets you apply watermarks and other enhancements

We have mentioned that the converter has another important component, namely that offering editing tools. These instruments allow you to apply text or image watermarks, whose position you can freely indicate. Besides, adjusting a clip’s brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue should ensure the quality that best fits your needs.

Other than that, cropping an area is possible, as is also the case with adjusting the volume. There are also some 3D effects you can apply, such as splitting the screen or creating an anaglyph-like feel. In any case, no matter how drastic your modifications might be, you don’t have to worry about their irreversibility because restoring the defaults is always an option.

Allows you to rip DVDs and download videos

The program’s functionality is, however, enriched by other capabilities. Specifically, it can rip DVDs and download videos from YouTube or other websites, which makes it quite comprehensive.

Reliable video and audio converter and editor

To sum up, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate is an approachable but still powerful software solution that enables you to tweak your clips and audio tracks in the most convenient manner. All its controls are grouped intuitively, and the fact that you can constantly keep an eye on the way your files are transforms increase its reliability.

What's new in FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate 1.9.0

• Supports external subtitles.
• Prevents being cracked.

Операционная система: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10 (x86,x64)
Процессор: 1 ГГц
Оперативная память: 512 МБ
Место на жестком диске: 152 МБ
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство: в комплекте
Размер: 50 МБ

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