SkyLab Studio 1.4 для Mac OS X

Вдохновленный своей собственной любовью к красивому небу SkyLab Studio — изменит ваше представление о небе на фотографии. Представьте себе ошеломляющее небо на ваших фотографиях с этим инновационным новым приложением.


SkyLab Studio 1.4 для Mac OS X

SkyLab Studio 1.4 для Mac OS X

SkyLab Studio 1.4 для Mac OS X

Вы сможете легко заменить небо на ваших фотографиях с инновационными элементами управления. Выберите из огромной коллекции контента, добавить дополнительные объекты для ваших пейзажей, таких как деревья, птицы, единичные облака, луна, и многое другое.
Используйте инновационные элементы управления , специально предназначенные для редактирования содержимого неба. Сохраните свои проекты и файлы экспорта изображений. Поделитесь своими творениями в ваших любимых социальных сетях .

SkyLab Studio focuses on helping you replace the sky portion in any photo by relying on beautiful presets.

The SkyLab Studio utility comes with cropping capabilities, features a mask tool to help you blend everything, and also features a collection of custom elements that can be integrated in your composition.
Change your photos sky by relying on predefined presets

SkyLab Studio keeps the available sky presets grouped by their design: clear, cloudy, sunset, stormy, vortex, night, moonlight, heavy or pastel skies. Each category comes with numerous options, and you get to apply any of them with a mouse click.

Note that you get to adjust the vertical scale, the horizon fade, the sky brightness or scale, the color saturation, or the temperature. You can also flip both the X and the Y axis.

The built-in brush tool is great to make sure all the elements included in the photo blend perfectly with the new sky design. SkyLab Studio allows you to adjust the brush size, opacity, and design, and you can choose to see or clear the mask.
Insert new elements into your images and apply custom filters

Besides sky designs, SkyLab Studio also comes with custom graphic elements: trees, dead trees, birds, clouds, moon, or sun representations. Just browse the collections and add any of the items with a double click.

You can more them around with drag and drop, but you don’t seem to be able to resize them. Keep in min that each new element is added as a new layer, so you can easily decide if you want it visible or not.

Furthermore, SkyLab Studio spots a collection of filters that you can apply just as easily. You get to adjust the filter’s brightness, gamma, saturation, or top fade, and preview the effects in real time.

Similarly, you get to change the image texture, and customize the final result even more. You can choose to export the processed image as a PNG, JPG, or TIFF image, or save the project using the proprietary SkyLab Studio file format.
Give a dramatic effect to your photos with the help of predefined designs and custom filters

To sum up, SkyLab Studio is a image processing tool designed to deal with a specific task: to replace the sky in an image with one of the predefined designs.

The SkyLab Studio utility packs tools to help you make sure the sky preset and the original image blend together perfectly, but also features image filters and custom graphic elements.


• RAW file support
• 16 bit color
• 64 bit pipeline

Что нового Version 1.4:

• Updated for macOS Sierra. Bring your skies with you with SkyLab for iOS.

Год выхода: 2017
Версия: 1.4
Разработчик: BrainFeverMedia LLC
Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблетка: Не требуется
Размер: 189,32 Мб

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