Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll (Single 2008)

Style: J-Pop, Neoclassical
Release Date: 28 May 2008
Country: Japan
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: DefSTAR Records
File size: 28,9 Mb (single with scans) + 73,5 Mb (video 704x480) + 100 Kb (sheet music)

Дебютный сингл японской певицы-виолончелистки Kanon Wakeshima, продюссируемой самим Mana (Malice Mizer & Moi dix Mois). Внутри сингл, клип, а также ноты для фортепиано на заглавную песню.


~The Debut Story of Kanon Wakeshima × Mana~

Singing, playing cello, collecting cute things, drawing pictures. And in beautiful clothes, and she also likes sweets. Here we have that sort of 19-year-old girl. Her name is Wakeshima Kanon.

Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll (Single 2008)

"My parents loved music, and since they named me Kanon before I was born, it seems like they had been planning for me to play music. Because of that, they named me "Kanon" after music."

Because of her parents' encouraement, from age 3 into adulthood, she deeply adored the world of music. When she reached adolescence, she became interested in popular music, with the exclusion of classical music. Thereupon, the music she came across, she started singing. Before long, she started composing lyrics, and writing songs to sing while playing cello.

And a person who had a strong interest in that kind of rare being, like Wakeshima Kanon, was Mana. He was not only the leader of Malice Mizer, but in his Gothic Rock project Moi Dix Mois, in Japan as well as Europe, he was receiving a lot of support. He said he wanted to work on producing female artists.

Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll (Single 2008)

"When I saw her singing and playing cello, I intuitively thought, 'This is it!' I really like classical music, and she was not only singing but also playing cello, I sensed a new future."

To begin with, Mana hadmusical talent and people with refined aesthetic sense, and in recent years had been in the music industry, and was supervising the clothing brand Moi-meme-moitie. The so-called "gothic lolita fashion's" concept was given the term "Gothic and Lolita" by none other than Mana himself. Since then, the goth loli movement has been known that way worldwide. It is needless to mention the wide spread of the music style known as Visual Kei. It can be said that at the same time, Mana, who was an authority, was seen as charismatic, and helped provoke the spread.

The genius Mana felt that Wakeshima Kanon had great potential. Practically since infancy, her talent had been cultivated in special education for gifted children, and because she was the one and only with the cellist+vocalist style, and was really quite versatile.

"Even not in regards to her music, it was intuition. There was the fact that she liked drawing. I really like it too, and when she showed me her pictures, they were really good. I also thought she had an interesting character. She was still a teenager, but she was really laidback; on the other hand, on her rings and stuff, they had little cookies and sweets as decorations. (Smiles) She had a really 'grown-up' ambience, and yet in some ways she seemed like a little girl... she had both sides about her. It made me feel like she was more like 'them."

Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll (Single 2008)

Thus, the presentiment Mana had about Wakeshima Kanon was that she had several images. At length, he became connected to her debut single, "Still Doll" Starting on April 7th, on TX-Kei's TV anime "Vamire Night", it's the ending theme, and is getting rave reviews.

Based on a fairytale-like waltz. The elegant melody of the cello (of course, played by Wakeshima Kanon). Even though it's got a classical feel, it's perfectly interweaved with electronical. It has a new-wave nuance. The quite mysterious resonance in Wakeshima Kanon's singing voice is like a fine chiffon cake and as it contains tenderness and tantalizing sweetness, surely the elegance will surely find its way to your ears.

"When I received the song from Mana-sama, I was listening to the song, and I lost myself as if I were in a castle... it made me feel like that."

As for "Still Doll", she was in charge of writing the lyrics and depicting that. She became active, and made it into a story of sorts, and it can be said that the psychological description and intricate words are the influence of Wakeshima Kanon's dainty sensitivity.

"She writes a different kind of words from what I write. The coupling in "Kuroi Torikago" became a somewhat different mood of words, and moreover, the styles meet, and her singing voice really comes out in a different way. The little girl and the adult parts. The personality of she, who has both sides, can really be felt on this debut single.

It comes out on May 28th. Surely, in the mayflower season, Mana's discovery Wakeshima Kanon's name will blossom. No matter how beautiful the blooming flowers are, isn't she beautiful? I want you to personally ascertain that sensation.

1. still doll
2. Kuroi Torikago
3. still doll (music box version)

The song's lyrics were written by Wakeshima and the music by Mana. The song is the closing theme for the anime Vampire Knight.



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