Shawn Lane - Powers of Ten

Artist: Shawn Lane
Album: Powers of Ten
Year: 1992
Style: ProgRock — Fusion
Format: FLAC separated files (CUE+LOG+COVERS 300dpi) — 3% Recovery

Source: My collection


In the unlikely world of music, a 15 year old guitarist from the band Black Oak Arkansas, would become a prog/fusion musician of the highest degree, that is the Shawn Lane story in few words or less, make no mistake, he can play every instrument with exceptional command, yet this cd is not about his virtuostic prowess(though he does shine a bit), but his uncanny compositional sense, Shawn can now be considered amoung the most talented musicians alive, this is not a fusion or a shred cd at all, but a musical journey, a progressive rock classic! Sadly the cd is Out of Print and I am lucky to have found this locally at a used cd store, Shawn is widely known for his unequalled guitar playing measured along with the likes of Steve Morse, and John McLaughlin, as for his Keyboard and piano playing, well, Corea, Hammer, Van Cliburn come to mind, this all tranfers into the beauty of Shawns music, great composition, great skills, great production, can only add up to gerat music, enjoy!!!!!
MJBrady (Proggnosis)

01. Get you back
02. West side boogie
03. Not Again
04. Esperanto
05. Illusions
06. Piano Concertino:Transformation of themes
07. Powers of Ten:suite
08. Paris
09. Rules of the game
10. Gray pianos flying
11. Epilogue(for Lisa)

Shawn Lane: All guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Basses except for tracks 1 & 2.
Sean Rickman: Drums on tracks 1 & 2.
Barry Bays: Bass on tracks 1 & 2.

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