HELIOS X3000 HD медиа плеер

Еще один медиа плеер X3000. с поддержкой HighDefinition!!! различается в цене и форматах
Video Resolutions:
1080p , 1080i (NTSC 60hz / PAL 50hz) , 720p (NTSC 60hz / PAL 50hz) , 480p /576p , 480i/576i

Video Outputs:
S-video, Composite Video,Component Video, HDMI, DVI with optional HDMI to DVI converter cable

Video Formats:
MPEG 1/2/4 , DivX 3.11/4/5 , DivX 6/HD , XviD HD , WMV 9/HD , VOB , TS

Audio Outputs:
Analog 2 Channel Stereo , Analog 5.1 Channel Audio , Optical Audio , Coaxial Audio

US$ 379.00 Available in the US, EU and Australia!


Stream PC-stored movies, music and photos, along with internet media content straight to your television over wired or wireless network. The X3000 brings all the digital media you have only been able to enjoy on your PC into your home theater – all in HD 1080p! With such a wide range of multimedia formats it is able to play, the X3000 lets you take your audiovisual experience farther than ever before.

The X3000 brings you absolute access, flexibility and connectivity – all packed in a slim player for those who like it sleek.

HELIOS X3000 HD медиа плеер

Stream and Share
Watch all your digital media on your big screen instead of your PC. Listen to digital music on your stereo system instead of on flimsy computer speakers. Build your own video and music library collection in digital format and share them to your existing audio and video equipment

Stream internet media straight to your home theater.
Listen to Podcasts, Internet radio, watch online TV and broadcast internet news on your HDTV and audio setup.

Plug and play your various digital media devices via USB.
External hard disks, Mp3 players, memory cards, digital cameras, and more!
HD up to 1080p!
Imagine being able to upscale your entire DVD collection and all your video files to the highest of HD resolutions – 1080p! What more, now you can play native HD video files and enjoy them in the absolute clarity of real high-definition.

Upscale your audiovisual experiences. Now you can have everything at your fingertips.

HELIOS X3000 HD медиа плеер

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