X5000 сног сшибенный медиа плеер. с поддержкой HighDefinition!!! среди множества моделей, этот обладает самой большой всеядностью форматов и наворотов.
Тех характеристики переводить не буду и так думаю понятно....

HELIOS X5000 - HD медиа плеер

Видео тест
Video Resolutions:
1080p , 1080i (NTSC 60hz / PAL 50hz) , 720p (NTSC 60hz / PAL 50hz) , 480p /576p ,480i/576i

Video Outputs:
HDMI , DVI with optional HDMI to DVI converter cable , Composite Video , Component Video , S-video

Video Formats:
MPEG 1/2/4 , DivX 3.11/4/5 , DivX 6/HD , XviD HD , WMV 9/HD , VOB , TS
US$ 579.00


The X5000 is the ultimate digital media player built for absolute audio and video enthusiasts; designed to satisfy even the most critical of audiovisual connoisseurs. Until the X5000, digital music never sounded so good. Experience the pulse of sheer unadulterated sound.
Along with a 1080p HD HDMI output to deliver equally astonishing video quality, the X5000 brings the perfect balance between audio and video excellence to indulge all your senses.

Uncompromised build-quality
Handcrafted full aluminum front panel and full metal case
Gold-coated output sockets
Weighs more than 8KG.

HELIOS X5000 - HD медиа плеер

Clean power
Linear R-core transformer and super-regulated power circuit purifies and enriches the power output bringing extremely pure, natural and detailed music output as well as stable and noise-free analog HD video output.

Precision digital analog conversion
Professional-level Wolfson Audio DAC combined with low-noise BurrBrown OpAmp produces an extremely accurate and distortion-free digital to analog conversion. Your digital music files have never sounded this good before.

FLAC support
FLAC lossless digital music format delivers quality parallel to your music CDs. Now you can say goodbye to your bulky CD collection and play all your favorite albums in FLAC format on your X5000.

HD up to 1080p
Imagine being able to upscale your entire DVD collection and all your video files to the highest of HD resolutions – 1080p! What more, now you can play native HD video files and enjoy them in the absolute clarity of real high-definition.

Stream and Share
Watch all your digital media on your big screen instead of your PC. Listen to digital music on your high-end audio setup instead of on flimsy computer speakers. Build your own video and music library collection in digital format, and play them in the highest quality.

Stream internet media straight to your home theater.
Listen to Podcasts, Internet radio, watch online TV and broadcast internet news on your HDTV and audio setup.

Plug and play your various digital media devices via USB.
External hard disks, Mp3 players, memory cards, digital cameras, and more!

X5000 is the ultimate machine built to deliver the highest digital audio and video experience. See it, feel it, we guarantee — you can almost even breathe it.

HELIOS X5000 - HD медиа плеер

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