Trikolon (Germany) - Cluster, 1969 [2003, GoD]

Artist: Trikolon
Album: Cluster
Year: 1969
Label: Garden of Delights, 2003
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Krautrock, Classic, Psychedelic
Format: FLAC (separate) +CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 418 Mb + 35,5 Mb scans
Source: my CD collection

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

The roots of Trikolon go back to the Brian Auger inspired Blues Ltd., from Osnabrück in Northern Germany circa 1966. They are part of the history of a succession of groups fronted by keyboard maestro Hendrik Schaper.


As Trikolon they attempted to emulate their heroes The Nice, adapting classical themes and mixing them into blues and beat musics. Compared to what they would do later as Tetragon, the (self produced and financed) album CLUSTER, although musically fine, just doesn't inspire much, and tends to wander a mite lamely in parts. In fact the album's best track is the shortest. True, it showed promise, but is not the rare classic it is reputed to be. This is especially so due to the total lack of production, as it generally sounds more like a bootleg than an official album.

After this, adding a guitarist they blossomed considerably, and became the four piece Tetragon, whose album is probably 10 times better than this!

Trikolon (Germany) - Cluster, 1969 [2003, GoD]

Line-up / Musicians:
Hendrik Schapes — keyboards, trumpet, vocals
Rolf Rettberg — bass
Ralf Schmieldling — drums

Songs / Tracks Listing:
1. In Search Of The Sun (14:31)
2. Trumpet For Example (7:22)
3. Hendrik's Easy Groove (11:05)
4. Blue Rondo (10:30)
Bonus Tracks:
5. Fuge (22:22)

Release information:
LP Raumpool Acoustic RPA 1 (1969)
LP Amber Soundroom AS LP 008 (2004)
CD Garden of Delights CD 081 (2003)

Trikolon (Germany) - Cluster, 1969 [2003, GoD]