Ganymede - Operation Ganymede (2008)

Style: Synth Pop
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Label: Cohaagen Music
Format: CD
Quality: MP3, VBR ~224 kb/s


01 The Speed Of Light
02 Operation Ganymede
03 Perfect Target (With Paul Parker)
04 Falling
05 Deeds Not Words
06 Far Beyond The Stars
07 Don't You Think I Know That?
08 Love Is Not The End
09 Hyperspace
10 The Final Mission

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After four years in the studio tweaking every blip and bleep, Ganymede returns with its first album of original electropop since 2003’s highly acclaimed "Space and Time." This time, Patrick Runkle and David Friede invite the listener to join them on "Operation Ganymede," a retro-electro voyage into deep space and back. The beats are solid, the basslines are subatomic, and the synth leads are sumptuous as the boys tell the story of a doomed U.S.-Soviet joint mission to Jupiter. Coming along for the ride is Bay Area disco legend Paul Parker, whose 1 Billboard dance smashes “Right on Target” and “One Look Was Enough” are as fresh today as ever. Paul contributes lead vocals to an instant Ganymede classic, the Italo disco-flavored “Perfect Target.” Other standout tracks on the album include the pulse-pounding “Deeds Not Words,” the epic closing track “The Final Mission” and the ballad “Love Is Not the End.”