Leonard Cohen - Cohen Live (1994)

Диск: Cohen Live
Год выпуска: 1994
Стиль: Soul, Jazz, Blues
Формат: mp3
Битрейт: 128-320kbps
Композиций: 11
Размер: 86.87 Мб (rar)



[6:04] Dance Me To The End Of Love 
[6:53] Bird On The Wire 
[6:08] Everybody Knows 
[6:13] Joan Of Arc 
[4:46] Shere Is A War 
[6:15] Sisters Of Mercy 
[6:54] Hallelujah 
[5:29] I'm Your Man 
[5:09] Who By Fire? 
[5:20] One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong 
[3:18] If It Be Your Will 
[4:50] Heart With No Companion 
[4:18] Suzanne

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