CD Label Designer v3.60 build 390

Пятиминутная программа позволяющая создавать ошеломляющие CD/DVD обложки и этикетки для дисков в виде резервных копий, музыкальных сборников, домашних семейных архивов, подарков, бизнес презентаций, профессиональных обложек для выпуска ваших продуктов. Изготавливает лицевую и обратную сторону коробки, вкладыш-буклет, круглый штамп непосредственно для болванки, бизнес-кард визиток. Развяжите свой творческий потенциал! Ничто вас не ограничивает в фантазии оформления, ни интуитивно понятный интерфейс, ни множество необходимых настроек. Все предельно просто, пробуйте и творите!


Create stunning CD and DVD covers and labels in just a few minutes!
Whether you want to make labels for...

music compilations
home and family archives
promotional CDs for your business
professional labels and prints for your products

...CD Label Designer is the perfect solution!

CD Label Designer is small, fast, easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful CD labeling software.

Why choose CD Label Designer?

1. Complete CD Label Maker

Design and print:
front covers
inside covers
back covers with spines
DVD box covers
round disk labels
business card sized disk labels

2. Size matters

Print perfectly-sized covers for jewel-case boxes. Don't waste time and ink with incorrectly-sized printouts! Use CD Label Designer to help you make your WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designs the perfect fit for your needs.

3. Flexible paper-sizing

With CD Label Designer's Print Layout feature, you can arrange your labels on any paper format. Do it, save it, and re-use it!

CD Label Designer is delivered with number of predefined popular layouts to save you time.

4. Unleash your creativity

Don't be restricted by labeling software that boxes you in. With CD Label Designer you can place images, text, circled text and shapes anywhere. Choose from more than 50 backgrounds. Move, rotate, resize, use transparency, choose fonts and colors, or put frames around text.

Apply effects and transformations to pictures, type formatted text (Rich Text Format) that supports all language character sets, fill shapes with different styles including gradients.

5. Create file and song lists without typing

Including the content of CDs on your label is just one click away!

If you're labeling a data disk, CD Label Designer will read files and folders and place them on selected labels! Choose what you want to read and how deep into folder structure you want to go. If it's an audio disk, CD Label Designer will access internet CDDB database and fill in songs list for you! In addition, if CD Label Designer finds MP3 or WMA songs on the CD, it will retrieve title information from the files.

6. Format freedom

CD Label Designer is not just cd label making software! It also allows you to change label format to any size. Rectangular or round, CD/DVD based or not, for plain paper or custom surfaces: you can design it with CD Label Designer. For example:
any type of stickers
mini CD
business card CD
conventional business cards
custom sized booklets (brochures, simple newspaper, simple books...)

7. Quality counts

If you have high-resolution printer, you surely want high-resolution printouts. CD Label Designer gives you the best you can have. Unlike some of our competitors' products, CD Label Designer will not compromise on print quality.

If you need to print high-resolution images on your top-spec printer, CD Label Designer will support it.

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CD Label Designer v3.60 build 390