Il Mucchio - 1970 Il Mucchio

Album: Il Mucchio
Year: 1970
Label: Mellow MMP 166
Country: Italy
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Psychedelic, proto-prog.
Format: ape (image) with cue, log, audiochecker, md5 & full artcover
Size: 280 Mb (4 % recovery)
Source: My cd collection

Il Mucchio was an Italian group that released one album in the beginning of the seventies. The musicians were: Maurizio Rivoltella, Sandro Zane, Luciano Zanardo, Sergio Piazza and Marino Rebeschini. It is not known which instruments they played in the group, except for Rebeschini, who was the drummer. The music and lyrics in this album are by a non-group member Pino Donaggio. The group disappeared soon after the release of the album but before this they did release a few singles in similar style to the album. These singles are included in the Mellow records CD reissue of the album.
The only album was released already in 1970. It is one of the first Italian progressive albums and therefore veryimportant.


A few other Italian groups like NEW TROLLS and LE ORME had already released an album but perhaps this album by IL MUCCHIO can be regarded as the first truly progressive Italian album (?). It certainly is musically close to the more famous symphonic groups, which emerged soon after in the beginning of the seventies, and with keyboard work throughout the album. However, it does not contain long instrumental sections that are typical for the later symphonic groups.
Il Mucchio is an interesting group from the beginning of the Italian progressive movement.

This is the sole album by Il Mucchio, 5 piece band from Venice. The songs are written by Pino Donaggio, in those years famous Italian Song songwriter and today proprietor of a musical publisher label. The style is a simple Proto Prog/ Psychedelic Rock with Symphonic arrengements (very heavy but also very light) and this "Il Mucchio" is one of first examples of Italian Prog. This is a concept on the psyche of the man of 2000 but today it plays very twisted (in the exposition of the ideas) because this concept was composed in a different period like ideology (post '68). In every case the music is very good. The music, in fact, is very dramatic, Psychedelic and powerfull. In this sense the ogan is used for to increase the components that they form the concept creating a really enormous thickness. In this sense if the organ was substitute from the guitar I have idea that the music has been a lot near the style of the song songwriter. The musical preparation of the musicians and the superior writing (and the not banal and suggestive lyrics) they do the remainder. I don't believe that to cite a song with respect to another one have sense because are all on the same plan. Rather how much I have written it is more than just for to understand this forgotten jewelry.
This is one of the more forgotten albums of the RPI. And for me it isn't a good thing. Since the quality is extreme high, "Il Mucchio" has to be in every serious and complete discography.

1. Per una Liberta (3:41)
2. Qualcuno ha Ucciso (5:21)
3. Una Lacrima Amara (2:47)
4. Il Cammino di chi non Verra (6:13)
5. Misericordia (4:42)
6. Un Angelo Vero (3:38)
7. Ave Maria (5:49)
8. Questi Siamo Noi (2:06)
Bonus Track on Mellow CD
9. Un'Estate Senza Caldo (2:53)
10. Quanto vuoto C (3:23)
11. Lei se ne Andra (2:57)
12. Il Giullare (3:36)
Total Time: 47:06

Line-up / Musicians
— Maurizio Rivoltella
— Sandro Zane
— Luciano Zanardo
— Sergio Piazza
— Marino Rebeschini

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