Samplitude is one of the most successful solutions for audio and MIDI recording, editing and mastering for PC.
The new version offers you many innovations based on the Hybrid Audio Engine, and changes have been made consistently to the internal audio effects section. The improved track, object and master automation provides you with different automation modes as well as an automation controller in the track editor. Now you have the possibility to use sidechaining for calculating internal control signals in advanced dynamics, too.

Samplitude 10 contains many innovations and full MIDI implementation for up to 64 tracks. New features include improved track, object and master automation, mastering effects and dynamics, overview mode, new range handling and improved time display.
The standard version of Samplitude now includes the pitch editor "Elastic Audio Easy". Also new to Samplitude 10 are mapping modes for hardware controller, routing manager, sidechaining, smart dithering as well as many MIDI and VST features. With the new audio quantization wizard you can quickly adjust your multi-track percussion recordings to suit the project grid. As a special extra, Samplitude Pro comes with "Independence LE" — a sampler workstation from yellow tools for realizing, customizing and creating authentic instruments.

Samplitude 10 was created for demanding, professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering at up to 32 Bit/384 kHz. The features include many non-destructive editing tools like the unique object editor which allows fades and diverse manipulation of the audio material in real time.

— 64 tracks, 8 submix busses, 6 aux send busses
— plug-ins per insert: 8
— Elastic Audio Easy
— ASIO, MME und WDM-Support
— solo / monitor poti: PFL, AFL
— K-Metering system
— external hardware integration
— MIDI Editors: score, matrix (piano roll), drum, event list, velocity/controller
— complete realtime editing
— track-, object- and master automation with several automation modes
— MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite
— sample workstation "Independence LE"
— rewire
— audio quantization with transient detection
— Batch Processing
— object-orientated editing
— high class effects set (phase stable mixing- and mastering effects)
— multiband dynamics with "Advanced Mode"
— multiband enhancer with "Maximize"-Function
— advanced dynamics with "Side Chain"-Function
— resampling/timestretching with algorithm "Universal HQ"
— mixer with variable signal flow
— DirectX and VST plugin support with automatic latency compensation
— Pentium 3/4 and Athlon optimizations
— VST-MIDI Out Recording und Audio Out Recording
— MIDI Multi-Object-Editing
— VST instruments support
— overview mode
— side chain routing
— project length up to 168 hours
— external remote controller support (e.g. Mackie control)
— POW-r Dithering
— smart dithering for WAV-files and virtual projects
— realtime room simulator with convolution (incl. 490 MB impulse samples)
— Routing Manager
— mapping modes for hardware controllers
— FreeDB
— CD/DVD mastering
— score export as MusicXML file

MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 1
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 2
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 3
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 4
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 5
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 6
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 7
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 8
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 9
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 10
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 11
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 12
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 13
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 14
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 15
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 16
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 17
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 18
MAGIX Samlitude 10 (Classic) Part 19

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