[4th Edition] Legend of the Five Rings (OEF)

Legend of the Five Rings aka L5R (4th Edition Core Rulebook). Основная книга правил для РПГ "Легенда о Пяти Кольцах" 4-ой редакции. В формате OEF.


Welcome to the Emerald Empire
You hold in your hands the fourth edition of the Legend of the Five Rings role-playing game. Here in these pages is an exciting opportunity to delve into adventure and intrigue in a distant and exotic land, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! Gamers have been visiting Rokugan, the Emerald Empire, since the first edition of this game was published in 1997, and we hope and expect this latest version will be even more exciting and compelling than its award-winning predecessors.

Rokugan is a fictional kingdom, a vast Empire whose history, myths, and culture draw heavily upon the real-life history and culture of ancient and medieval Asia, primarily Japan but also including China and Korea, among others. It is a land where samurai, honorable servants of the Divine Emperor, wage war and forge peace in the name of their lords. It is a land where mighty Great Clans, each comprised of multiple ancient families, work together and against one another in hopes of accomplishing" their political and military agendas. It is a land where valiant warriors, or buslii, struggle to win the day for their clans on the field of battle. It is a land where pious shugenja priests offer prayers to the multitude of Fortunes in hopes of achieving the blessings of Heaven for their lands. It is a land where courtier politicians wage an endless war of words, seeking any possible advantage for their clans. Rokugan is an Empire of honor and glory, of strife and adventure, of horror and mystery.

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